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Electronic cigarettes ( ecigaertte, e-cigarettes, ecig, e cig) are fast becoming the preferred choice for many people in the UK and EU looking for an alternative smoking experience. Genesis Electronic Cigarette is considered as one of the finest electronic cigarette stores dealing in electronic cigarettes in the UK. With a variety of models and vaping accessories to choose from, you can choose from a long list of options – our extensive range of electronic cigarette models and eliquids (e-liquid) caters for beginners to veteran vapers. Our electronic cigarette comes with automatic or manual batteries. Our rechargeable batteries are one of the best models in the electronic cigarette industry, known for advance technology and quality, giving users a long, consistent and satisfying vaping experience. E-liquid are available in zero, low, medium, high and extra high nicotine strengths.

We regularly host promotions, discount, competition and free delivery offers. So, why take advantage of electronic cigarette and e-Liquids that’s designed based on customer intel and feedback, are value for money and whilst providing the best vaping experience for our shoppers.

Featured products

Vivi Nova Kit

Rebuildable clearomizer tank that comes with 3 atomizers heads.
From £5.99

510 Manual Battery

The 510 Manual Battery is a lightweight and subtle battery that is easy to use.
£6.99 £4.99

ECHO Cartomizer

ECHO Cartomizer, ideal for on the Go Vapers.
From £0.99

Vivi Nova E-liquid Bundle

Comes with Vivi Nova XL & 4 Ge.UK E-liquids.

Wild Strawberry Ge.UK E-Liquid

A sweet strawberry flavoured E-Liquid.

ECHO CE4 Bundle

The Echo Bundle is all you need to for simple vaping.
From £12.99

ECHO Clearomizer

The ECHO clearomizer holds up to 1.6ml of e-liquid.
From £3.50


Kit includes 2 Batteries and 2 Cartomizers.
From £24.99

ECHO Manual Battery

The ECHO Manual Battery, powerful, sleek and sturdy.
From £7.99

Ge. Blend Ge.UK E-Liquid

Our In House Special Blend. An all round defined flavour with a hint of sweetness.

USB Charger

The USB Charger allows you to re-charge your Genesis E-Cigarette batteries (Manual and Automatic) via your computer's USB port.
From £0.50

510 CE Basic Kit

Now comes with a clearomizer II. The ultimate starter kit for vaping beginners.
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