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Why It Is Important To Drain Your Battery Once A Month

E-cigarette batteries are one of the most important parts of your electronic cigarette vaping experience. Without that battery nothing would be powering the coil to heat up and produce that deliciously smooth vapour many have become so fond of.

So, agreeing that it is an important aspect of vaping, care should be taken with your battery to ensure you get the best potential life span and performance as possible.

Taking a few minutes of your time once a month to completely drain your E-cig battery is of paramount importance in maintaining your batteries performance. Why? Because with so many rechargeable batteries (even phones) we can over charge our batteries which leads them to forget exactly how much power they can hold. By draining the battery, it sort of resets the device and it will once again fully charge and be back to performing at its best.

If you do not let your battery run completely out every now and again your e-cig battery will stop holding charge like it should and may even loose power. A simple drain and recharge is all you need to help maintain your batteries power and keep your device in full working order for as long as possible. 

Competition Coming soon!

Hi everyone! We are delighted to announce that very soon we will be once again hosting a competition for our customers. The competition will give all you lovely people the chance to win some great prizes from Gecigarette. The first competition will be starting from Tuesday 1st March!


So if you are feeling lucky then keep your eyes peeled for the chance to win some of our amazingly delicious E-liquids. We are super excited and happy to be giving back to our customers and we hope our competition will be as popular and successful as our last one, with 45 winners and 180 bottles of E-liquid given away to the lucky winners!


We wish you luck and simply cannot wait to launch our new competition!

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Treat yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s day to a new Electronic Cigarette or maybe  try our new Ge.UK Eliquid, for a limited time only you will get £2.14 off any order when you spend over £15 using discount code V214. It’s the time of year of love and kindness and what better way to show someone you care than to treat them to their favourite vaping equipment. . This offer expires on 15th February. 

Ge.UK Customer Flavour Feedback

Here at Gecigarette we love to make our customers happy and satisfied. We are currently looking for new flavours to add to our new Ge.UK E-liquid range and would like to invite you to tell us what flavours you would like to see in our online store in the future.

Are there any old flavours you would love to see make a comeback? Or are there any flavours you crave but, have not found? Let us know in the comments below and with your help we can expand our Ge.UK range!

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing all your ideas.

Why the Vivi Nova Kit is value for money

Why the Vivi Nova Kit is value for money.


 Clearomizers and cartomizers are made as disposable items, they have an estimated life span if 14-60 days meaning you need to purchase a new unit at regular intervals. The beauty of the Vivi Nova kit means you only have to purchase a replacement part rather than the whole unit. Saving you money in the process.

The Vivi Nova kit is a rebuildable Clearomizer kit that comes with 3 different atomizer heads.

The value of having the Vivi Nova rebuildable tank is simply genius. When your regular clearomizer unit stops producing vapour you are forced to throw the whole unit out and purchase a whole new one.

The Vivi Nova however allows you to simply remove the old atomizer head and replace it with a new one. Once that atomizer head has burnt out you can simply repeat the process and still you’re not throwing away the whole unit. The atomizer heads come with the Vivi Nova kit in 3 different resistances, 2.8 Ohm, 2.4 Ohm and 1.8 Ohm meaning you can control the performance of your electronic cigarette with a resistance that suites you. The lower the Ohm of the atomizer head the more vapour you electronic cigarette will produce.

The Vivi Nova Kit saves you from having to buy a whole new tank every time it stops producing vapour. Gecigarette also sell the Vivi Nova atomizer heads separately so you can continue using your tank with an atomizer head of your preferred resistance. There is no need to buy the whole unit again when you only need to buy a replacement part. This being said it stands to reason that the Vivi Nova kit will not only give you the perfect desired throat hit to the individual user, it will also save you money in the long run. 

Christmas Information

Closing days

We will be closing for Christmas on the 24th December until the 4th of January 2016. 

Dispatch and last orders

To get your orders delivered by Christmas 2015, please order by:

  •        UK orders by 17th December
  •        EU orders by 13th December
  •        Outside the EU by 9th December


Any orders made after the 23rd  December will not be dispatched until the 4th of January.


Winter Sale


We have an amazing Winter Sale starting on 24th December. We have discounts on everything in store or online:


  •        10% off all Ge.UK e-Liquids
  •        20% off all Complete Kits
  •        15% off all batteries
  •        15% off all clearomizers
  •        25% off all accessories


On behalf of the team here at Gecigarette we would like to wish you are very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Trouble shooting my Electronic Cigarette

Trouble shooting my electronic cigarette.

Here at Genesis we understand how frustrating it must be when your electronic cigarette isn’t working to its full potential. With this trouble shooting blog we hope we will have you vaping happily again soon. There are a variety of factors as to why your electronic cigarette may not be working. It is very important to identify the problem before tampering with your device.

Battery: If it is your battery that’s causing the problem you may find that is flashing when you are trying to use it. This usually means that the battery needs charging. However if you find that your battery is not holding charge as it used to, you may want to drain the battery completely before putting it on charge, this is because your battery may have forgotten how much charge it can hold. Although charging it for too long can cause the same affect so it is important to charge the battery until the light of the USB port goes green.

Cartomizer/ Clearomizer: If your electronic cigarette is starting to taste badly it is probably time to clean out your unit. We recommend you clean your cartomizer/ clearomizers out whenever you decide to change the flavour or strength of your e-liquid. This will ensure your unit lasts longer. We would advise you to clean the outer connections of the cartomizer/ clearomizer first with a lint free cloth and then run warm water through your unit with the battery end down. This should be repeated until no e-liquid remains in the unit. After washing your cartomizer/ clearomizers you should blow through it and then leave it on a cloth battery side up for at least 24 hours to let it dry.

Also if you keep getting E-liquid in your mouth whilst you are trying to use your electronic cigarette you may have over filled your cartomizer/ clearomizer or you may be drawing on your unit too hard causing the e-liquid to flow into the middle of your unit.  If you think you may have over filled your unit simply empty some of the E-liquid onto a tissue or cloth, if the problem keeps persisting still, simply clean your unit as described above.

On the other hand if you have had your cartomizer/ clearomizer for a while it may be time to replace it as they have a usage lifespan. Unless you have a Vivi Nova tank in which case you can simply change the atomizer head and keep reusing the rest of the unit.

USB charger: If it is the USB charger that is not working you will find that the light indicator will not come on when it is plugged in. Therefore your battery will not be charged. If this is this case it is recommended that you replace the USB charger for a new one and continue to use your electronic cigarette as normal. 

Christmas Order Dates

To get your orders delivered by Christmas day 2015 please order by:

UK orders by 17th December

EU orders by 13th December

Outside the EU by 9th December