Electronic cigarette is a new and innovative technology. We understand that choosing the right model from the wide range of available options can sometimes be daunting. Whereas some users require their first electronic cigarette to resemble a real cigarette, others may prefer a model with an ultimate performance.


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On this page, you will find information on each different model which we hope will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable starter kit.



510 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a model with a balance between size and power.



The 510 is one of the most elegantly styled electronic cigarettes in the market.

It weighs only 16 grams and it is 114mm in length, making it just slightly longer than a regular cigarette.

The 510 is available in black and white. In addition, we supply to types of batteries: Manual batteries have a small button on the side that activates the battery. Automatic batteries are equipped with an embedded censor that detects the airflow and therefore activates itself when you inhale on the electronic cigarette.



The 510 is powered by a 150mah battery which generates a significant amount of vapour. In addition to the battery, this model has two other parts: an atomizer and a cartridge. The atomizer is the working part of the Electronic cigarette which converts the E-Liquid into vapour. The average lifetime of an atomizer is 14-60 days, after which it needs to be replaced.

The refillable cartridge attaches to the atomizer and it holds up to 0.3ml of E-Liquid. This is equivalent to approximately 10 cigarettes.




MINI2 is your choice if you are looking for a model that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette.



MINI2 is 92mm in length. It looks and feels very much like a traditional cigarette, which makes it easier to switch from smoking to vaping.  The MINI2 weighs only 15 grams and is the lightest one of our models.



The MINI2 generates a great amount of vapour. Just like our 510 model, the MINI2 consists of a battery, atomizer and a cartridge. The atomizer has been made using improved technology, allowing it to generate more vapour than other similar models in the market.

The MINI2 Complete kit comes with two batteries, which means you do not need to stop using the device whilst waiting for the other battery to charge. 





ECHO is the perfect choice if you are looking for hassle-free model with ultimate performance.



The ECHO E-cigarette is slightly bigger in size than our other models.

It has a beautifully detailed design and although slightly larger than average, the weight of it is only 36g (650mah) or 45g (1100mah), depending on the battery chosen.

The ECHO is available in black and white.



We currently supply two types ECHO batteries with different capacities: 650mah (Standard) and 1100mah (Mega). Both of these batteries typically lasts you all day long without having to recharge.

When it comes to vapour production and refilling, the cartomizer that comes with the ECHO produces an ultimate amount of vapour. A cartomizer is a cartridge and an atomizer combined in one unit, hence the name “cartomizer” (cartridge + atomizer). Cartomizers hold up to 3ml of E-Liquid, and depending on the frequency of use, this can be equivalent to up to 100 cigarettes.

After this, the cartomizer can be refilled all over again.

We also supply clearomizers that can be used in the place of cartomizers. The capacity of these is 1.6ml and the advantage is the fact that they are see-through, enabling you to see how much E-Liquid is remaining.

The average lifetime of both clearomizers and cartomizers is 14-60 days.


ECHO Twist

ECHO Twist is our most powerful electronic cigarette equipped with the latest technology in the electronic cigarette industry. The ability to control the voltage allows the user to tailor its performance depending on the preferences.



The stylish ECHO E-cigarette weighs 65 grams and the starter kit comes with a slim Vivi Nova clearomizer which has been designed to perfectly fit the ECHO Twist battery. The battery itself is made of matted steel for a smooth, slick finish.



The ECHO Twist batteries are 1100mah in capacity, meaning they can last you even days without having to recharge.

The ECHO Twist complete kit comes with a Vivi Nova clearomizer tank system. This is a so called “rebuildable atomizer” - you will be able to replace the atomizer head inside the Vivi Nova without having to dispose the entire unit once the atomizer reaches its lifespan (typically after 14-60 days). In addition to this, you will also be able to choose an atomizer of your preferred resistance. The lower the resistance, the more vapour the E-cigarette produces. The kit comes with three atomizers: 1.8ohm (low resistance), 2.4ohm (standard resistance) and a 2.8ohm (high resistance) atomizers.

Not only can you control the performance by choosing the atomizer, but the ECHO Twist battery enables you to adjust the voltage of the battery from 3.3-4.8V. The total performance of the electronic cigarette is always defined by both the voltage of the battery and the resistance of the atomizer. In simple terms: the higher the battery voltage and the lower the atomizer resistance, the more power and vapour the E-Cigarette delivers. The Twist-battery is also compatible with any standard clearomizers/cartomizers/atomizers.

Although this may sound a bit complicated at first, the ECHO Twist is very easy to use and the ability to control the performance is an unbeatable feature. ECHO Twist is the perfect choice whether you are an advanced vaper or a beginner thinking of purchasing their first electronic cigarette.