Getting That Tobacco Taste


Tobacco And Taste

Smoking is often a very limited experience when it comes to flavour and taste. Tobacco has its own distinctive and overpowering taste that can be very hard to escape, so other flavours are typically used to blend with it. Menthol, cherry, chocolate, peach are some common examples. Indeed, many smokers claim that the taste of vanilla, for instance, which is supposed to be a part of the smoking experience, disappears very quickly only to be replaced by the same old tobacco taste. This is obviously quite unfortunate if you don’t enjoy the taste of tobacco, but like smoking. Of course, many people do enjoy the taste of tobacco and do not wish to change the taste at all! At Genesis we have classic variations on tobacco as well as some more adventurous and novel ones.


More Flavour

As a dedicated electronic cigarette company, we have researched all of the flavours that really give smokers the kick they are looking for. An electronic cigarette can give you many different tastes, each of which is small enough to carry around. It will only take a matter of moments to change from one cartridge to another, even if you are socialising. What’s more, we offer many different electronic cigarette cartridge refill flavours with the initial purchase of an e-cig. This will get you started and allow you to be able to sample many of the flavours that will be available to you. Whenever you want to try something new, we can offer you a diverse array of flavours including tobacco, menthol, vanilla, USA Mix, Cigar, Virginia and other brand tobaccos as well as apple, chocolate, cherry and coffee.


Nicotine Strength 

Of course another aspect that must be considered when looking for the best e liquid cigs is the strength. The cartridges that come with our 510 cigarette, for instance, are all tobacco. The assortment of different strengths will allow you to find which is best for you. It includes 24, 18, 14 and 8 milligrams of nicotine per cartridge. As you use the device more and more, you will come to appreciate the differences between it and the traditional cigarette. As you do this, you might find that you can reduce the amount of nicotine you desire, or alternatively, you may wish to increase it. Many smokers comment that our cigarettes give them that distinctive flavour and “hit” or sensation on the throat that can be so pleasurable.


Bringing some variation to your vaping can really ensure that you get the most from your e-cigarette. As new flavours and technologies become available, the vaping experience will only surely grow into something that is completely separate from smoking being its own distinct practice. The cartridges typically last as frequently as you use them, which is between 150 and 200 puffs. If you are a heavy user, then we carry larger bottles for refill which you can store easily. Our devices carry smart chips to ensure that you cannot overdose on nicotine, although it is worth remembering cartridges don’t have to carry nicotine at all!


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