What is Genesis Electronic Cigarette?

Is the legality of Electronic Cigarettes an issue? If so, what are the major dangers from consumption of Electronic Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes have been stated as a new health orientated alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.
However, the debate has gone on for a long time, and while some agree on the positive characteristics of vaping, some still doubt its credentials. So the question is: Is the legality of the E-Cigarettes an issue or not?

To be specific, the electronic alternatives are a much healthier option when compared to ordinary tobacco for regular smokers. They successfully deliver the nicotine hit, thereby offering an achievable goal for smokers who want to cut down or quit. It’s the lack of tobacco that offers the maximum benefit: you won't be inhaling any tar, carbon monoxide or thousands of other carcinogenic chemicals found in regular tobacco. Rather you will just be taking in vapours which will satisfy your craving for nicotine – and the physical replacement of the traditional cigarette with an E-Cig offers a powerful placebo effect. In this respect, the use of an E-Cigarette in place of a tobacco cigarette is healthier for smokers, and also for those close to smokers, who would no longer be at risk of inhaling second hand smoke.


Are electronic cigarettes safe? What are the dangers of Electronic Cigarette consumption?

‘Are E-Cigarettes legal & what are dangers of Electronic Cigarette consumption?’ is a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), as E-Cigs offer an extremely similar experience – like a perfect alternative – to smoking traditional cigarettes. Nevertheless, these e-cigarettes do not contain cancer causing chemicals which are present in the ordinary cigarettes.

Apart from this, questions on the major dangers of E-Cigarette focus on whether the chemicals present in the E-Cig cartridges are safe to be inhaled and whether there might be any known consequences of using these E-Cigarettes or not. So far its seems that there is always a question mark when it comes to having an answer for this question, due to the fact that E-Cigs are still relatively new, and research is still ongoing.

Apart from this, users are potentially at risk of facing problems such as lung inflammation because of the vapours from E-Cigarettes which deliver various carcinogens to the lungs. There might be severe heart issues linked to prolonged consumption of E-Cigarettes.


What is special about products from Genesis ?

At Genesis we have ensured that all our products are standardized and there is no scope of selling irrelevant products to our customers. Both nicotine containing and nicotine-free E-liquids and cartridges are available for you to purchase, and so there are options for those looking for a feasible alternative to smoking tobacco. Different nicotine strengths are also provided, depending on the requirements of the customer. The Electronic Cigarette and e-liquids that Genesis sells for electronic cigarettes has been tested and certified by organisations including CE Certification and RoHS Certification; so you can rest assured that the product you will be using is entirely safe.

If you still feel that you have doubts regarding electronic cigarettes, you needn't worry! Feel free to contact us for more information on E-Cigarettes. We want our customers to be crystal clear when it comes to understanding our products during any purchase of electronic cigarettes from our website.

So please let us know if you have any queries.